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is a small village of around 640 people situated approximately two miles north of the centre of Chester.  It is sandwiched between the A41 Chester-Liverpool and the A540 Chester-Hoylake roads and is bisected by the Shropshire Union canal.  It has a primary school, which it shares with its neighbours Lea-by-Backford and Backford, and a Pre-School.  Other shared facilities are the local church and Village Hall.  As well as these, Mollington has two 4-star hotels.

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Councillors Telephone Email
Roger Jones 01244 851842 Email Roger
Brian Crowe 01244 851384 Email Brian
Mike Jones  01244 851260 Email Mike
Angus MacSween 01244 851277 Email Angus
Christine Jones 01244 851842 Email Christine
Sally Atkin 01244 851447 Email Sally
John Fielding 01244 852668 Email John


Clerk Telephone Email
Mrs Pauline English 0151 339 1405
07890 140412
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Meetings are held at St Oswald's Primary School

Tues 10 March 2020

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Public Meeting with Harworth Estate Investments Ltd, the owners of the former Golf Course

was held on Monday 25 November at St Oswald Primary School. 6 pm.

The owners were keen to work constructively with residents and local partners to better understand how the Golf Course was used and how permissive paths into and through the Golf Course can be improved. They noted our aspirations for a safe traffic free cycle and walking route connecting the village to the Countess of Chester Country Park. If you would like more information and have further comments following the meeting please contact Chair, Roger Jones.

Article regarding the open meeting on Cheshire Live Website.

Article regarding the open meeting in Chester Chronicle Thursday 28 November issue

Chester 10 k and Half Marathon

This year the events will be coming through the villages of Mollington and Lea. We appreciate that there will be some disruption to traffic for a period on the Sunday mornings in question, but we hope that residents will see these events and an opportunity to show case our community spirit. We hope that many will come out to Marshal or cheer on the runners in their efforts to raise funds for worthy causes.

Event Road Closures

10 K on Sunday morning 8 March

The southern end of Townfield from its junction with the Parkgate Road will remain closed from 08.45 to 10.30 am as will the Parkgate Road southbound from 08.30 to 11.30 am

Chester Half Marathon on Sunday morning 17 May

While runners on on the road it is not safe for cars to be on the road. There will be about an hour from approx. 09.15 to 10.20 am while the runners are on the southern part of Townfield Lane and Station Road, so these roads will be closed. Outside these times, where possible, our marshals will assist residents in and out of the village, via the A41. Please be considerate.

Marshal Volunteers

If you would like to volunteer to Marshal the Half Marathon as it passes through the village, please get in touch with Roger or Christine Jones 01244 851842


Some residents have expressed concern at the number of trees which have be felled on private land in recent years. Applying Tree Protection Orders on trees in the Parish is a lengthy and resource heavy exercise. We would therefore ask residents to respect these wonderful old trees and make every effort to care for any on their land, for the benefit of all. We are presently walking the village to record significant trees. Oak, beech, sycamore and Horse Chestnut trees line our hedgerows and many of our front garden boundaries. If you are out and about, walking the village and you see a tree you think is worthy of recording, please let us know.