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Garden Waste

All Garden waste collections are suspended until further notice so that resources can be concentrated on maintaining your scheduled household refuse collection service. Household waste and recycling collections will take place as per schedule.  Check when your recycling and black bin collections are here

Your garden waste collection questions answered.



How long is the service suspended for?

Garden waste collections are suspended until further notice. We cannot confirm at this stage when garden collections will resume.  

Now that the garden collections are postponed will my waste collections become more frequent?

Recycling and household waste collections will continue to take place on your scheduled collection days. There will be no additional household waste collections.

Where do I take garden waste to for disposal?

Currently, waste recycling centres are not operational. Further updates will be made when appropriate.

Am I able to obtain a second garden bin to contain the extra garden waste I produce?

Residents are currently not able to order extra garden waste bins as we are unable to empty them. 

I already have a second garden bin and have received a renewal payment letter. What should I do whilst garden waste collections are cancelled?

The annual payment for second garden bins will not be taken until the garden waste service resumes. We will ensure residents only pay for a 12-month service, residents will be contacted advising them of when their payment is required.  

I paid for an additional green bin two months ago, can I get a refund to cover the suspended collections?

All annual renewals will be moved ahead by the number of weeks the service has been suspended by. For example, if a resident paid in February this year and we suspended for two months, their next renewal date would be April 2021

Can I place a small amount of garden waste into the domestic bin

Yes, but make sure there is enough room for domestic waste. Composting is an easy cheap alternative to putting garden waste into the domestic waste bin. Home composting is a low cost natural way to transform your kitchen and garden waste into a nutrient rich food for your garden.

Will I get a refund on my council tax?

Council tax refunds will not be given. Some authorities do charge for the collection of garden waste where CWaC don’t. However we need to suspend the service due to staffing levels during time. Domestic waste collections will continue. To find out more about council tax visit